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Club Rules

Membership(Monthly) Fee

  • The monthly membership fee must be paid in full before you will gain club access.

  • Club access grants you complete access to our facilities every day that we are open.

Membership(Daily) Fee

  • All daily members must pay the daily use fee before entering the play area.

  • Daily memberships will be void when the club closes for the day and not a 24 hour period.

Order of play

  • Tables are granted on a first come first serve basis.

  • However, all tables can be open challenged.

  • Some tables may also be reserved for private lessons.

Game rules when challenged

  • Start with a five minute warm-up period.

  • Best of five game series with 11 point games.

  • Singles or doubles play is allowed.

  • Each table is limited to 30 minutes of practice play.


  • Only ITTF approved shoes will be allowed. Absolutely no black sole shoes will be allowed.

  • All other shoes require our coach’s special permission.

  • Only ITTF approved paddles and rubbers will be allowed in the club.

  • We do not allow sand paper paddles!

  • Any bags, jackets, and other loose articles of clothing need to be properly stored.


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